The System Minimal Intervention and Reversibility

Minimal intervention and reversibility are key tenets of heritage conservation. The Cintec™ anchoring system adheres to both goals.

Cintec™ anchoring is the least intrusive intervention available in most cases where the alternative would be to dismantle and rebuild a structure.

For example, a typical Cintec™ application is the use of stitching anchors to tie several wythes of masonry together. These are typically installed on a 1-metre (1-yard) square grid. The hole is 20 mm (3/4”) in diameter and the anchor body is 10 mm (3/8”) in diameter.

Thus, the surface area of the hole is 0.00031 times or 0.03% the total wall surface area, truly a minimal intervention.

The Cintec™ anchoring system can also be removed with minimal damage to the original fabric. This would allow newer technology to be retrofitted if a better way is developed that can accomplish the goals of the original installation.

If reversibility is required, the anchors are removed by over-coring with a slightly larger core bit. (The hole in the example is only 20 mm (3/4”) in diameter, so the over-coring is still a minimal intervention.) Any part of the grout bulb that falls outside the coring can be broken up within the hole and removed by vacuum.