Civil Engineering Water Retaining Structures

One of the innumerable advantages of the Cintec™ anchoring system is its ability to be installed underwater, particularly when the system works so well in anchoring in weak substrates. Cintec™ anchoring systems have been designed for stabilising and repairing sea walls, lock gates, docks, dams and other underwater structures.

Lock Gates

Clarendon Docks

Cintec™ anchors have been used to fix two 20 ton lock gates, as part of the 750 million pounds sterling, regeneration of Belfast’s Laganside Development.

8_8_1Clarendon Docks, where shipbuilding in Belfast first commenced, was severely affected by the river’s tidal range. Construction of a temporary dam across the existing dock basin, and installation of a lock between the basin and the river, has created an aesthetically pleasing non-tidal water feature capable of facilitating small craft.

Although the dock basin was pumped dry for the refurbishment of the waterfront site, it was vital that the fixing method selected was suitable for use underwater.

“Each gate is supported by two hinges bolted into the 600mm concrete wall of the lock. One of the key reasons for selecting the Cintec™ system, was that although the top hinge for each gate is well above the water level, the lower hinge falls within the tidal zone,” explained Brian Campbell, design engineer for the installers.

“During the installation, sea-water poured through at one of the anchor locations. We were concerned that alternative fixing methods would not be as successful in such wet conditions.”

Following extensive testing, 48 Cintec™ anchors were embedded into the wall to support the two lock gates. Each lower hinge required 12 fixing anchors, 450mm in length and 102mm in diameter at 200 and 220 centres.

The installation of the anchor bolts at the lock gates has been undertaken by ACE Fixings, the approved installers of the Cintec™ anchoring system for Ireland.