Reinforcement & Anchoring Applications

The Cintec™ anchoring system has many standard and specialized applications as detailed in our case studies:


As durable and strong as masonry can be, such structures are continuously exposed to pollutants, seismic movement, structure settlement, freeze-thaw cycles, even dirt. The Cintec™ anchoring system is custom-designed for each structure to repair all types of masonry problems, including cracking in brick work (including corner cracks), walls separating from main structures, failing archways, bridges and parapets, and chimney faults, to help restore and maintain structural integrity.


Masonry in historical buildings often deteriorates to become unstable, its walls riddled with rubble, cavities or disconnected masonry. A Cintec™ anchoring solution is ideal for stabilisation because it is easily fixed, even in weak materials; it can bridge cavities; it is sympathetic with existing structures; it is durable—tested in an accelerated 40-year cycle; and it is custom-designed for each application Cintec™ anchoring, under Seistec, is also proven for its seismic reinforcement, to repair the damage caused by earthquakes and, at the same time, reinforce a structure against future quakes.


At Cintec™, we strive to use our knowledge and products to preserve buildings and structures while maintaining their historic character. Our work in heritage restoration is unmatched for our minimal intervention and our durability. In fact, our conservation efforts extend to retrofit earthquake protection for some of the world’s historic sites.


Cintec™ and Archtec designs internally strengthen original architectural elements, increasing their load-bearing capacity. Earth-retaining and water-retaining structures also benefit from versatile Cintec™ anchoring system whose remarkable strengthening capabilities are tailored to meet the requirements of each application.

Specialized Applications

All Cintec™ anchoring solutions can be called “specialised” applications in that they are custom-designed to suit the particular requirements of each structure and its components. Our decades of working on different projects has led to some new applications that are specialised even in our experience, such as:

  • Enhanced fixing technology for terra cotta and hollow masonry units
  • The strengthening of bridges around the world to meet today’s load requirements
  • Reinforcement systems to resist the effects of seismic activity or blast loadings

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