Reinforcement & Anchoring

We Design and Manufacture the World’s most Innovative Structural Anchoring and Reinforcement System

As the designer and manufacturer of the pre-eminent reinforcement and anchoring solution for masonry structures, Cintec™ has cemented its reputation internationally.

For  over a quarter of a century, Cintec™ has secured and reinforced historic and historical buildings, masonry bridges, monuments, railway structures, retaining walls and harbour walls.

The patented Cintec™ reinforcement and anchoring system is straightforward: injecting a proprietary cementitious fluid grout into an anchor surrounded by a fabric sock, which has already been placed in an oversized drilled hole. The reinforcement system’s ingenuity lies in its versatility. Drawing on decades of experience and testing, our designers can customize it to any specification.

Our engineered solution reinforces an array of materials—stone, concrete, clay, terra cotta, adobe, and even timber. It can be used under water and in weak substrates.

Even as it restores, stabilizes, strengthens, and repairs, the system does not compromise the parent material. And because the reinforcement and anchoring system becomes part of the structure, it does not visibly alter a structure’s appearance.

From intricate wall ties to solid bar anchors over 30 metres (100 feet) long, Cintec™ will develop the reinforcement and anchoring solution that will fit your project.