Cintec™ – International Engineering Excellence

Based in Wales, UK, Cintec™ International Ltd. has been a leader in innovative thinking Engineering Research and Development since 1984. Originally called Cavity Lock Systems, Cintec™ International Ltd now provides Turn-Key design and installation of Masonry Anchoring Stabilization systems and Explosion Blast Mitigation Protection products and services globally through:

  • Cintec™ International Ltd in Wales
  • Cintec™ Canada Ltd in Ottawa Canada
  • Cintec™ America Inc. in Baltimore U.S.A.
  • Cintec™ Australasia Pty, Ltd in Newcastle, Australia
  • Cintec™ India in Delhi, India

These independent but colobrative engineering design and consulting companies together with partnerships and agents throughout the world,  form a unique global presence. Cintec™’s product range includes subdivisions that offer clients turn-key engineering service packages, including design engineering and installation contracting.

Our 3 primary areas of expertise are:

1. Cintec™ Anchoring and Reinforcement

  • Archtec for assessment for masonry anchoring stabilization and strengthening of bridges
  • Paratec for assessment and structural anchoring systems for strengthening of parapet walls
  • Cintec™ Rail for assessment and masonry anchoring strengthening solutions for railway structures
  • Seistec for assessment and engineered solutions for strengthening structures to resist earthquakes

2. Blastec Blast Mitigation

  • to strengthen structures by engineering and installing explosion blast mitigation systems to resist damage

3. Waterwall Blast Suppression and Isolation

  • Engineer design and install flexible Waterwall solutions to provide rapid blast protection against improvised explosive devices, including mitigation of the effects of dirty bombs and a range of products developed for fire and emergency services

The diversity of our portfolio is reflected in our client list: individuals, local authorities, government departments, the services, corporations, transport authorities and utilities.

Contact one of our international offices to learn more about how Cintec™ International can solve your problems.

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