The System Advantages

The Cintec™ reinforcement and anchoring system is simple and easy to use, with fast installation and minimal cleanup. But its advantages go far beyond ease of use.

Tested and Approved Worldwide Unfailing Quality Remarkable Versatility
  • Approved by engineers, government agencies and building codes worldwide
  • Laboratory-tested over a 40-year accelerated life cycle
  • Withstands freeze-thaw cycle without shrinkage or loss of strength
  • Recognized for use in world heritage, landmark and heritage structures
  • Fire Resistant Anchor Functions normally after two-hour destructive fire testing
  • Discrete and finite element analysis available where appropriate
  • Presstec™ grout is cementitious, not an epoxy resin
  • Presstec™ is inorganic, non-absorptive and sympathetic to the substrate
  • Every batch quality-tested
  • Reinforcement and Anchoring system creates both a mechanical and cementitious bond
  • All installers are certified with hands-on training
  • Can be concealed within the fabric of the original structure
  • Minimal disruption during installation
  • Anchors can be post-tensioned
  • Reinforcement and anchoring systems are custom-designed for each application
  • Can be used in weak substrates
  • Can be used under water
  • Alternative to the dismantle-and-rebuild approach
  • Solution of last resort to save buildings from demolition
  • Flexibility in positioning entry points for drill holes, facilitating installation
  • Optimal system for seismic upgrading of most unreinforced masonry structures and hardening of existing buildings to resist the effects of a blast