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Cintec North America, a leader in the field of structural masonry retrofit strengthening, preservation, and repair, completes structural analysis and design services for projects all around the world, including the Egyptian Pyramids, Buckingham Palace, Canada’s Library of Parliament, and the White House.

Now, the company is using 3D printing in its $1 million restoration project on the historic Red House, which is also known as the seat of Parliament for the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and was built between 1844 and 1892.




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CINTEC International announces a new type of dissipative wall anchor to solve the issue of how to protect heritage buildings in some of the most earthquake-prone parts of the world.This new product is designed for use with Cintec’s proven wall anchor system.

“We believe that this anchor is a major breakthrough in further protecting the world’s iconic buildings, especially in areas of high seismic activity,” said Peter James, Managing Director of Cintec International. “This anchor has been four years in development within the NIKER program. It has undergone extensive testing at Bath University, and in Italy.”


The RED HOUSE, Parliament Buildings, Trinidad &Tobago Structural Seismic Retrofit

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Cintec North America has undertaken vital restoration work on The Red House, also known as the seat of Parliament for the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

The landmark $1m project marks a monumental moment in the history of structural engineering as one of the Reinforcement anchors inserted into the structure is believed to be the longest in the world, measuring 36.52 meters [ 120 Ft ] in the length. It was also the first time that Cintec had used 3D printing for sacrificial parts.

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