Cintec Fire Resistant Anchors

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Due to recent fires and loss of life in refurbished buildings, Cintec has been fully aware of the danger of fire and has always produced fire resistant remedial anchors and reinforcement.


What Is It?
As concerns over fire safety spread through the country, Prime Minister Theresa May ordered a public inquiry. As stated in the final report of the review of the building regulations and fire safety,  England is by no means alone in needing to improve building safety, as building regulations are a global concern.

Why Is It Important?
Under the terms of the EC Construction Products Directive, resistance to fire is one of the essential requirements for which performance tests are required.

What are the Applications?
Cintec anchors are the cementitious fire-resistant alternative to resin anchors. Since Cintec’s anchors are based on reliable restoration materials, cementitious grout, and stainless steel, they easily provided the elusive fire rating typically absent in other systems.