Portable inflatable tank could reduce eco impact of fracking


by Stephen Harris

A UK company hopes to reduce the impact of fracking on the environment using new technology adapted from its blast protection system. Newport-based Cintec™ has created a portable, inflatable polymer tank for storing water and waste from the hydraulic fracturing gas drilling process, developed from the company’s novel Waterwall technology used to isolate and safely detonate bombs.


Crash test mummies: Egypt’s oldest pyramid saved from collapse by giant airbags

Egypt’s oldest pyramid has been saved from collapse by giant airbags which have been used to prop up the ceilings.

The 4,700-year-old building has been stabilised so engineers can carry out permanent repairs.

The giant structure was built as a burial place for Pharaoh Djoser, a warrior who reigned in the third dynasty for 19 years but has been damaged in an earthquake.


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